Binwatch - Software designed specifically for the skip hire and waste recycling industry.

Welcome to the Binwatch demo page. Here you can download a demonstration version of Binwatch so that you can evaluate the software. Please contact us at anytime during the trial if you have any questions.

If necessary the trial period can be extended past the initial 2 weeks and we can provide on-site support to get you up and running and we also have a flexible purchase plan available, with monthly payments starting from as little as $200.00 a month.

The latest version of Binwatch uses .Net 4, this is software from Microsoft and some PCs may already have it installed. If any of your PCs do not have this installed or you are not sure if this is installed then please click on the first link below to install it.

After that please click on the Binwatch Demo link and run the downloaded program to install it on your PC.

.Net 4 Software From Microsoft

Binwatch Demo