Binwatch - Software designed specifically for the skip hire and waste recycling industry.

Binwatch will let you easily record, schedule and invoice skip bin hires. Enter skip orders once and Binwatch will handle scheduling the delivery and the pick up, will produce an invoice for the hire, track which orders have been paid for, print runsheets for the drivers, enter changeovers with just 2 clicks of the mouse and transfer invoicing information to MYOB or Quickbooks.

In addition to skip hire Binwatch will track and invoice goods coming in to and product being sold from a recycling station.

Whether you are a small company who wants to move away from a manual or spreadsheet based booking system or a larger company looking for a replacement system you will find Binwatch will fit in with your company's existing processes and become an invaluable tool for your business.

Binwatch is now in it's second version and comes in 3 editions so there is an edition that will fit the size and the budget of your company, large or small. Binwatch is available as a single-user or multi-user system and runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Binwatch Main Features:

Tracks Jobs Tracks Orders   Scheduling Schedules Jobs
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Invoicing Invoicing   Customers Customer Details
  Invoices can be created in Binwatch directly from the jobs that have been completed. No data re-entry is needed. Invoices can be transferred to MYOB or Quickbooks.     Customer details are kept in Binwatch and a full customer history will be built up showing what bins were hired and when.
Onsite Bins List Of On-site Bins   Site Bins Site Bins
  A list of on-site bins can be viewed at any time. This list is updated automatically by Binwatch so you will always know where your bins are located. The on-site bins can also be viewed on a map.     Site bins (bins that are hired out to a building site for an extended period of time) can be tracked and weekly invoices are generated automatically.
Tip Site Loads Recycling Yard   Mobile Send Text Messages
  Loads coming in to your recycling yard can be tracked and the company who drops the goods can be invoiced. Recycled product sold from the yard can have the deliveries scheduled and the orders monitored and invoiced.     Text messages can be sent directly from Binwatch to either a driver's mobile phone (to give them information regarding a new job) or to a customer's mobile phone (can be used to inform them of when their bin will be picked up, overdue accounts etc.).
Bin Availability Bin Availability   Reports Reports
  To avoid the situation where you do not have enough bins available for an order Binwatch will track what bins you will have available at any date.     Binwatch provides a number of reports to help you monitor your business and with the ability to add new reports as you need them Binwatch will provide all the information you need to run your business. viagra uk boots safe drink alcohol take viagra keeping viagra use secret viagra double vision viagra price lahore