Binwatch - Software designed specifically for the skip hire and waste recycling industry.

Main Features:

Tracks Jobs Tracks Orders   Scheduling Schedules Jobs
  Order details such as contact person, contact number, customer reference etc. are kept with the orders. The delivery and pick up jobs will appear on the list of jobs for the relevant day. Jobs can be easily rescheduled to different days.     Jobs can be assigned to a driver with two clicks of the mouse. Drivers runs can be organised from a map view or allocated from a list. Run sheets can be printed for each driver.
Invoicing Invoicing   Customers Customer Details
  Invoices can be created in Binwatch directly from the jobs that have been completed. No data re-entry is needed. Invoices can be transferred to MYOB or Quickbooks.     Customer details are kept in Binwatch and a full customer history will be built up showing what bins were hired and when.
Onsite Bins List Of On-site Bins   Site Bins Site Bins
  A list of on-site bins can be viewed at any time. This list is updated automatically by Binwatch so you will always know where your bins are located. The on-site bins can also be viewed on a map.     Site bins (bins that are hired out to a building site for an extended period of time) can be tracked and weekly invoices are generated automatically.
Tip Site Loads Recycling Yard   Mobile Send Text Messages
  Loads coming in to your recycling yard can be tracked and the company who drops the goods can be invoiced. Recycled product sold from the yard can have the deliveries scheduled and the orders monitored and invoiced.     Text messages can be sent directly from Binwatch to either a driver's mobile phone (to give them information regarding a new job) or to a customer's mobile phone (can be used to inform them of when their bin will be picked up, overdue accounts etc.).
Bin Availability Bin Availability   Reports Reports
  To avoid the situation where you do not have enough bins available for an order Binwatch will track what bins you will have available at any date.     Binwatch provides a number of reports to help you monitor your business and with the ability to add new reports as you need them Binwatch will provide all the information you need to run your business.

Features - Details:

The following is a more in-depth explanation of the above features.

Tracks Jobs Tracks Orders

Tracking orders is the 'heart and soul' of Binwatch. The front screen of Binwatch will list all the jobs scheduled for whichever day is selected on the calendar. Jobs are colour coded and can be sorted in a variety of ways (by time, by driver then time, by customer etc. etc.). When you click on a job on the front screen more information about the job (such as contact name, contact number, any comments about the job etc.) are shown at the top of the screen. By right-clicking on a job a menu of options is displayed which gives you access to functions to move the job to another day, send a text message to the driver or customer, amend all details of the job, assign a driver to the job, add a changeover to the site etc. etc..
When an order for a new bin is taken over the phone it is entered in the New Order screen and the delivery job is automatically scheduled on the relevant day. Depending on your system settings the pick up job will either be scheduled on the last day of the hire period or left as a 'not booked in' job which will await a call from your customer to schedule the pick up.

SchedulingSchedules Jobs
Binwatch will print run sheets for your drivers and has a number of features to help you allocate jobs to each driver. Assigning a driver to a job is as easy as right clicking in the driver column of the front screen of Binwatch and then selecting a driver from the list of drivers that comes up. In the run sheet screen you can sort a driver's jobs into the order you think they should be completed in. The jobs will be printed in that order. To help you decide which jobs to assign to a driver you can view all the jobs for a day on a map and can therefore assign drivers to jobs based on which jobs are close together on the map view. Another method of assigning jobs is to view all the jobs sorted by distance. This option lets you select one job and Binwatch will then list all the other jobs for the day by distance from your selected job.

Binwatch will print invoices for you. There are a number of options when creating invoices. Some of these govern whether a customer has all their jobs on one invoice or has one invoice produced per site. Some customers can be invoiced on a per job basis and some can be invoiced weekly or monthly. There is a choice of invoice layout in Binwatch and your logo can be printed on the invoices presenting a professional appearance to your customers.
If you use MYOB as your accounts package all invoices generated in Binwatch can be transferred to MYOB, saving you time and avoiding keying errors.

All the normal customer details such as contact name, telephone, mobile, email address, fax number etc. can be kept for each customer in Binwatch. Also customers can be put on hold and will then be blocked from having orders put in for them (such as when they are over their credit terms for example). Any number of sites can be set up for a customer and each site can have it's own contact person, contact telephone number and prices. Also bulk recycled product orders can be entered for a customer and as loads are delivered against the order the order position will be tracked.
Binwatch also has the facility to record all contacts with a customer. Details such as when the contact happened and who the contact people were can be recorded along with the details of the conversation.

Onsite BinsOn-Site Bins
When jobs are confirmed as having been done Binwatch automatically maintains a list of all your bins that out on site. This list can be viewed as list on screen and can be sorted by suburb, customer, bin size, the delivery date, the number of days on site etc.. From this list you can easily schedule changeovers on the bins or re-schedule the pick up date simpy by right-clicking on the relevant bin and taking an option from the menu that comes up. To visually see where your bins are located there is an option to view all your bin locations on a map. You can view all your bins or select a bin size to view.

Site BinsSite Bins
Where bins are hired out to a company for an extended period of time (ie for use on a building site) Binwatch can schedule the delivery of these bins and create an invoice for the initial delivery. Subsequently Binwatch will create invoices for these site bins on a week by week basis until they are picked up. The weekly invoicing involves no more than clicking one button as Binwatch tracks which bins are due to be invoiced at any time.

MobileSending Text Messages
Text messages can be sent to your drivers informing them of the details of new jobs that have come in during the day. This cuts out mistakes made when trying to give a street number or the spelling of a street out over a mobile phone (which can sometimes result in a driver going to the wrong address). Details sent are a job description (ie delivery, changeover or pickup and the size of the bin), the date it has to be done, the time it needs to be done by (if there is one), the address, the contact name and number and any comments relating to the job (eg "Drop bin off on footpath").
Text messages can also be sent to a customer's mobile phone. This feature might be used to inform them when their bin will be picked up or maybe a prompt to remind them that money is still owing on the bin hire. You can set up a number of message templates so for your commonly used messages all you have to do is pick the relevant message from your list of templates and hit the send buttonn.
Text messages do incur their own cost but bulk purchasing will normally see the cost come to about 12.5 cent per message.

Bin AvailabilityBin Availability
Binwatch will show the number of bins of each size that you have available at any date. This is done by first entering a stocktake of the number of bins of each size that your companies owns. Once that is done because Binwatch tracks which bins are out on site and also knows how many bins are involved in a delivery, changeover or pick up for each day it can therefore tell you how many bins you have left available for use.

Binwatch has a reports menu which covers a number of reports needed for the daily management of a skip hire business such as reports by payment type (credit card, cheque, cash etc.), reports of bins not paid for and sales summaries by bin size, price area, suburb, customer etc. etc..
Reports can be added to Binwatch on an as needed basis.

TipwatchThe Tipwatch Module
Loads that are being tipped into your recycling yard from a third party can be tracked and invoiced in Binwatch's Tipwatch module. As third party loads come into your yard you can record their gross weight, the type of material they are tipping and either a weight or volume of material. When they leave the yard the tare weight is recorded and loads can either be invoiced at that time or kept until the end of the day when all a customer's loads can be placed on one invoice. Invoicing can be by either weight or volume.