Binwatch - Screenshots (advanced):

The following is a selection of screenshots for the screens that facilitate the more advanced features of Binwatch.

The Map View:

To make allocation of jobs easier you can view the jobs for a day on a map. This lets you see where all the jobs are in relation to each other.

When you hover your mouse over a pin (the pins are colour coded to show the type of job - delivery, changeover or pick up) you will see more information about the job.

There are a number of ways to view the jobs on the map, for example you can view one driver's jobs and all the unassigned jobs at the same time which allows you to easily see which of the unassigned jobs are in the same area as the driver's current jobs to see if there are any suitable jobs to assign to the driver.

The map can be scrolled and zoomed in and out to allow you to concentrate on one area.

Sending Messages To Drivers:

This is a screenshot from a mobile phone that some job information has been sent to. Sending information to a driver's mobile phone can be completed in two mouse clicks in Binwatch.

This screenshot is from an iPhone and the layout may look different on different mobile phones but the information will be the same.

Text messages can also be sent to customer's mobile phones which might be used to tell them when their bin will be picked up.

User Logins:

In multi-user environments Binwatch can track all changes made to a job and record the user who made the change and the time it was made.

Another option is to restrict certain users to only parts of the system ie only give call centre staff access to enter and amend orders but not change driver allocations or produce invoices.

Customer's Sites:

Customers who have a number of sites can have those sites tracked individually. Each site can have it's own price list and contact details set up for it.

A customer with a number of sites can have invoices produced on a per site basis or all sites on one invoice whichever they prefer.